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Join a community of women who get it

And are here to fan your flames! You've long searched for your people. Empowering women who believe in community, healing and becoming better versions of ourselves. People who won't judge you for talking about the moon, spirituality or your healing journey and instead who hold your hand and leap right in with you. This is the community you've been searching for your entire life. Welcome home.

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Save time and get healing tools that work 

No more Google searches and hundreds of hours of podcasts to find tools to support you. Now you've got it all at your fingertips!

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Build a community of women like you

Be part of a real sisterhood with women who get it and are here to fan your flames along your journey

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Go from overwhelm to clarity on your journey

You'll have all the tools you need to start seeing big transformations in your life and feel connected

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Feel supported to make 2020 your year of healing

Get the confidence you've been craving to show up in 2020 and discover your purpose and passion

A Monthly Container of Support, Sisterhood, Healing and Guidance

awaits you in the GoddessCeremony Collective! End the overwhelm when it comes to your healing journey and step into a space of support and unconditional love.

For years we sat in retreats, events and circles with women and heard the same words over and over:

I wish I could find my people.

I need help but don't know where to go.

I want to feel supported because I'm struggling in my healing journey.

So we created the roadmap that we've used with thousands of women to help them heal themselves, reignite their joy and discover their purpose. 

And we are ready to support YOU in this Sisterhood!

This is where big transformation happens. In this space, you will:

- Rediscover your power and feel connected to like-minded women

- Save hundreds of hours of Googling, random books and podcasts and get the exact tools you need to transform

- Cultivate a community of women that understand you and are here to fan your flames 

- Create monthly routines and habits you love that actually stick

-Get monthly group coaching and guidance

- No longer feel alone on your healing journey

- Have the loving space you need to understand yourself and find your purpose

- So much more!

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"The Goddess Ceremony Collective has created a safe magical space for me to connect with like-minded sisters. The monthly masterclasses have provided endlessly valuable content that I have been able to apply in my day to day life. Forever grateful to be a part of this collective."

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"I highly recommend the Goddess Ceremony experience to any woman seeking to let go, learn, and embrace her inner power. This was transformational on so many different levels, and this was because the environment was a safe space to release and explore ideas, relationships, experiences, and self. I am changed and more ready than ever to step into my life path confidently."

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"Cassandra is changing the world- one goddess at a time. I have lived a very blessed life however for many years I knew that something was missing but I wasn’t sure what. Then by chance I attended a goddess ceremony retreat and the wisdom that Cassandra shared changed my life."

This is the year you feel supported in your healing journey

And for things like community, support, empowerment and finding your purpose to be the norm. When you join the Collective now, you'll start seeing transformation within the first few weeks and enjoy the benefits for life!

I'm ready to rise!

Each month you'll receive:

  • Powerful Theme and Masterclass for healing and growth
  • Community support + Sisterhood to fan your flames
  • Monthly Guest Masterclass with life changing tools
  • Group Coaching in the Collective FB Group
  • New Moon Meditations
  • Full Moon Reflections
  • Group Book Club
  • Monthly Giveaways
  • Thousands of dollars in FREE Bonus Content
  • Additional podcasts, hormone balancing recipes, affirmations and more!
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Your roadmap to healing and transformation

We go above and beyond to give you the tools you NEED to cultivate more joy, purpose and connection. Every month, you'll receive hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses, Masterclasses, tools and guidance to maximize your success and healing.

Hi beautiful, I'm Cassandra!

And I've been honored to work with thousands of women just like you and help them find their purpose. After moving through my own healing journey over the last decade, I designed the Collective out of a desire to create community and support for ALL women and give the essential tools we all need on our healing journeys. And I cannot wait to give these tools to you and walk this path with you in 2020! Let's do this!

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Say YES to your Healing Journey

Monthly Membership



  • Exclusive Community and Sisterhood
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Group Coaching
  • New Moon Meditations
  • Full Moon Intention Setting
  • Guest Masterclasses
  • Monthly giveaways

Yearly Membership



  • Everything included in the Monthly Membership
  • A 2020 Manifesting Journal Bonus
  • Goddess Yoga Online Classes ($97 value)
  •  4 Exclusive Bonus Masterclasses
  • A 25% discount!

Queen Membership



  • Everything included in the Yearly Membership
  • Access to our Embodied Wisdom Course ($497 value)
  • 1 Hour Private Coaching with Cassandra 
  • One VIP day retreat with Cassandra in Los Angeles

And if all of that isn't enough, we've brought in exclusive guests to maximize your transformation 

These powerhouse women are here to guide you and empower you along the way. Each woman is teaching a 60 minute EXCLUSIVE Masterclass that is ONLY available in the Collective! Oh, and these Masterclasses are LIVE! This means you can learn from top leaders, ask questions and be connected.

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Hailey Meadow

Crystal expert and creator of Meadow's Crystals with a passion for the science and wisdom of healing and finding your purpose in life

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Kimberly Ann

Manifestation and Mindset Coach dedicated to teaching the modern millennial girl how to step into her power and become the most authentic version of herself

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Missy Mitchell

Founder of Spiritually Sourced and women's empowerment guide with a passion for the mystical and magical things in life

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Dr. Sarah Coxon

Women's Spiritual Mentor and podcaster passionate about helping women reclaim their feminine power and live a life beyond limits 

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Jennifer Madrid

Soulful life coach and empower-er for women, Jennifer helps women discover their purpose and cut through the stories in a loving and supportive container

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Monica Fischer

Women's Mentor and Guide that helps healing souls through energy work, trauma informed yoga, food, art, discussion and ceremony

Now is your time!

You deserve to feel supported in your healing journey and to have the map you need at your fingertips. Claim your spot now in the Sisterhood!

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