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Balanced Cervix Masterclass

Join Dr. Cassandra through the layers of supporting the cervix, getting clear Pap smears and addressing HPV

Perhaps you were recently told that your cervix had some irregularities. Maybe they even threw out some scary jargon like CIN II or HPV. What does any of this mean? And also - how can we really support the cervix? This powerful workshop explores both the physical layers to healing the cervix, how cells regenerate on the cervical face and how viruses like HPV affect reproductive health while also addressing the key emotional layers of the cervix.

In this masterclass you'll learn:

  • What the cervix is, why abnormalities occur and how cells regenerate
  • What cervical dysplasia is, the grades CIN I - III and how you can support your body through them
  • What HPV is and what that means for long term cervical health
  • Simple tools you can implement now to support your cervix
  • Information and wisdom around the Vagus nerve, trauma and how emotions can play into cervical health
  • Dr. Cassandra's suggestions for long term cervical health
  • If LEEP is necessary for you



Due to the nature of this workshop, refunds are not permitted. All sales are final. You are advised to work alongside your physician before beginning any new supplements or dietary changes. 

What others in the Cervix Masterclass have said:

I haven't followed up with you since our last consult but I wanted to share with you the wonderful news that my Pap smear about a month ago came back COMPELTELY NORMAL!! This is so exciting for me given that I've had abnormal paps/CIN I for years. Thank you so much for providing me guidance and a protocol to achieve this goal of a healthy cervix!!