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PCOS Freedom Masterclass

Join Cassandra for a powerful workshop to address PCOS symptoms once and for all 

PCOS, or poly cystic ovarian syndrome, is said to affect 1/10 women around the world. While it's becoming a more and more common diagnosis, it can be challenging to find good, research based tools to live symptom-free with PCOS and even harder to get clear information on how to manage PCOS moving forward. This workshop with Cassandra will save you hundreds of hours of Googling as she shares: 

  • What PCOS is, how it works in the body and what the research shows in terms of healing
    • the four different types of PCOS
    • how insulin resistance plays into a PCOS diagnosis
    • the truth about birth control and PCOS 


  • The biggest misconceptions about PCOS and healing
    • how to encourage ovulation each month
    • what you CAN do to prep for pregnancy


  • Her step-by-step approach she's used to help dozens of women ease PCOS symptoms
    • understand YOUR diagnosis and how to move forward


  • A monthly plan for balanced hormones and healthy periods
    • a simple plan to manage symptoms for life


Due to the nature of this workshop, refunds are not permitted. All sales are final. 

What others have said in PCOS Freedom:

I took your workshop about four months ago and guess what. After over a year of no periods due to PCOS, I got my period on Sunday and it just ended yesterday!!! That's the first period I've had in ages!