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After helping thousands of women address their period symptoms, I created this FREE Balanced Period Bundle to help you begin to heal your cycle from home

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Your period and menstrual cycle is an indicator about your overall health

So if you're feeling like something is off in this space or your hormones are changing, it's time to listen in and address it. This free bundle is your simple starting point

What you'll receive for FREE in the Bundle

Cycles 101 Video Guide

What's the difference between your period and menstrual cycle? You'll learn it here and more!

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5 Step Guidebook to Balance

Get my 5 step process to beginning to balance your period and find hormone harmony

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Balanced Period Tea Recipes

Plus learn my favorite tea recipes to find more ease in your monthly cycle (simple AND delicious)

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The bundle will help you:

  • understand how your cycle works and how to balance it
  • determine what imbalances may be present
  • find more ease during your monthly period
  • learn how to create teas to support period related symptoms
  • create routines that nourish your cycle
  • demystify your body and how it works

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