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With a refreshing, holistic approach that has helped thousands of women harmonize their hormones, balance their cycles and restore their metabolism

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You've done all the "right things" but your hormones and cycle are still a mess


You've dabbled in all the diets, tried all the new trendy "quick fixes" and have 47 random supplement bottles in your cabinet but...

Your symptoms haven't budged.

The PMS. The bloat. The slow metabolism. The chin hairs and acne. The irregular or painful periods. They have all remained constant despite all your efforts.


This is when women seek me out as the expert


Women in my world are ready to make painful periods a thing of the past. They're ready to have a strong, fiery metabolism and a healthy weight, glowing skin and regular periods. They are done with the old "try birth control" approach and instead love watching their hormone numbers improve and energy levels increase each month. They're ready to heal their imbalances at the ROOT!


Because here's the truth...

  • It is NOT normal to experience debilitating symptoms like pain during your monthly period
  • You shouldn't have to fear your cycle and the intense symptoms that accompany it 
  • Balancing your hormones does NOT have to involve unsustainable diets and health tactics that make women unwell
  • You never deserve to have practitioners dismiss you, invalidate your experiences or quickly hand you scripts for medications you don't understand

What I help women do

Enjoy a balanced weight, a healthy libido & lots of energy

Welcome in regular periods and ovulatory cycles with minimal symptoms

Feel fertile and healthy and enjoy clear skin & a balanced mood

Enjoy a fiery metabolism, healthy thyroid function & pain free periods

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Hi! I'm Dr. Cassandra,


I help women like you welcome in healthy periods and balanced hormones. My work as a ND and hormone expert has allowed me to help thousands of women all across the globe

I'm passionate about women's hormone health because I have been exactly where you are. 

Irregular periods, anovulatory cycles and hypothyroidism were my norm just 7 or so years ago. I felt ill, frail and exhausted and couldn't understand why this was happening to me. I did everything "right" for my health!

I was obsessed with fasting, restrictive dieting, low calorie foods, cardio and fancy supplements and yet I was slowly getting sicker and sicker.

In naturopathic school I devoted my studies to understand how women's biology TRULY works and why we're all so confused (and struggling) when it comes to hormone health. 

Period Reboot

My mega popular program for hormone, cycle + metabolic wellness

The ultimate program to help you welcome in healthy hormones and balanced periods naturally. Students from the last round have reported: successfully conceiving, reduced PMS, pain free periods, improved thyroid function, better sleep quality, a heightened libido, confirming ovulatory cycles and a reduction in acne and facial hair

Period Reboot is the step by step process to taking back your hormone health!

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Real results in Period Reboot

Best money I've ever spent

“Before Period Reboot, I had intense cramps during my period and major fatigue that doctors couldn't explain. I started following Cassandra on IG. Her tips helped my cramps lessen so much that I decided to sign up if they stayed that way for 3+ months (due to adhering to her tips). I used to dread my period, I now almost look forward to it, and see it as a 'health report card'. I am now more compassionate with myself and my body. My period symptoms have basically halved! My cramps used to be a 7-10 out of 10 and are now consistently 1-3 out of 10! My fatigue has also drastically improved! I'm a lot more aware of my mood and feelings, and likely why they are happening and why they're affecting my body. The physical changes I mentioned are HUGE for me. I've been suffering from cramps since I was 16. Period Reboot is the best money I have ever spent on my health.”


I couldn't keep living in pain

Pre Period Reboot, I had painful cramps, breast tenderness, headaches and extremely heavy bleeding with a total bleed length of 9-10 days. I couldn’t live the way I was, I felt constantly unwell and lost a minimum of 4 days completely each month. So when I came across Cassandra and watched  an initial online viewing, I knew she could help. I signed up for Period Reboot immediately. She was genuine and informative and really spoke to what I was experiencing with real answers and help. I feel like I don’t have to live in misery and I have control over my well being finally. I have been given a new relationship with my period, really the first relationship, where I now see it as an extension of myself and prioritize self care and compassion. I have less stress and a healthier body. My bleeding is now 7 days max and no breast tenderness or headaches mid cycle!


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