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I help women like you welcome in

balanced periods and harmonized hormones

I need cycle help

Hi, I'm Dr. Cassandra

I help women like you welcome in balanced periods and harmonized hormones

I need cycle help

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The leading expert in women's cyclical health & menstruation


What started as my own research in Naturopathic school to heal my cycle and hormone irregularities has now grown to help thousands of women around the globe welcome in balanced periods. I'm also the creator of Period Reboot, the ultimate period healing course for women

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If you feel in the dark about your body and period, you're not alone


The women I help often say the same thing: I wish I had known this years ago. Most of us simply did not receive the education we needed about our bodies or periods and because of that, suffer through severe period symptoms and hormone irregularities for years. 

Here's the thing: it doesn't have to be this way. Through quality, personalized care and empowering information about our bodies and cyclical needs, I believe we can shift the norm and help all women feel informed and empowered in their healing. 

I'm here to talk about the taboo subjects that many shy away from, give you my empowering perspectives about your period and cycle, demystify hormones and make that biology class you took years ago actually applicable, be a voice of reason amidst so many disempowering messages surrounding healing and be a practitioner you feel safe enough to go deep with. 

"Working with Cassandra has helped me in ways that I never thought possible! She helped me get my real period back after being on the pill, and also helped me treat my chronic yeast infections, which has changed my life. Not only do I feel healthier from a medical standpoint, I also feel more connected with my cycle and embodied because of Cassandra’s approach to health. Thank you Cassandra for the amazing work you do, we need more doctors like you!"


Amber M.

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You deserve to feel heard by your practitioner


It's shockingly far too common to hear women share that they've never felt heard by their doctor or supported the way they needed. I know firsthand how overwhelming and scary it can be to feel like your hormones and cycles are all over the place, and that's why I approach it very differently. Through empowering support, warm guidance and education, I help women begin their healing journey.

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What my clients are saying...

Meghan J.

"For 30 years, I have been inundated as a woman to feel shame, discontent, and hidden confusion regarding my fertility and menstruation. Working with Dr. Cassandra has peeled back the negativity and ignited a healing sense of empowerment, dignity, and pride in the gift of being a woman. I have seen more positive results in 3 months working with Cassandra than I have in years."

Melissa M.

"Working with a devoted practitioner like Cassandra is transformational and has given me new hope in my healthcare journey. Her empowering, and I do mean empowering, methods of education, communication and implementation of protocols are life-changing. I feel honored, heard, cared for and nurtured: feelings I hadn't felt in a long time."

Alisha G.

"After working with Cassandra for just one month, I have already noticed significant improvements in my health. I always feel energized and empowered after a meeting with Cassandra. She is so knowledgeable and I appreciate that she thoroughly explains her reasoning behind the protocols she provides for me."

Jay M.

"Working with Cassandra has been absolutely life changing! I am so happy that I took the leap and decided to work with this amazing woman. I felt so in tune and healed within my cycle and womb, my husband and I conceived a baby within the first month of trying. This isn't the first time Cassandra's magic has helped me conceive a baby! I am forever grateful."


Searching for custom one on one guidance on the cycle and hormone healing journey? I accept only a handful of clients per year via my application page here

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Wondering how your period plays into your business?

Understanding your cycle is also the greatest tool for your business. I help women with big visions do what I did: create a sustainable business that cycles with them and allows them to make big impact in the world. If you're an entrepreneur tired of burning out and feeling stuck, get on the waiting list for Cyclical Business in 2021!

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“Working with Cassandra has been the best decision I’ve made in my journey detoxing off the depo-provera birth control shot. I have been on birth control for for 7 years and haven’t had my period in that same amount of time. I desperately wanted to get my period back and start to rebalance my cycle - working with Cassandra provided me tools and a personalized plan for my body and my cycle. 
Within two months of detoxing, my symptoms have been minimal thanks to Cassandra’s supplement and nutrition guidance. I’m allowing my body to heal and taking control of my fertility through Cassandra’s easy-to-understand education in cycle tracking. She has made the detox process easier, given me confidence that my body is healing, and celebrates my small wins along the way. As her 1:1 client, I have appreciated her effort in answering all emails and questions that I have between appointments. She understands what I’m going through and always knows the next step forward. Cassandra is the perfect practitioner that speaks to my holistic way of healing and provides me effective, natural solutions that I can’t find anywhere else.”


Tori V.