I need cycle help

Hi, I'm Cassandra

I help women like you welcome in balanced periods and harmonized hormones

I need cycle help

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Ready to FINALLY have a healthy period?


If you're tired of not getting any answers when it comes to your period symptoms, you're in the right place. This is where we get to the root of your hormones and take the guess work out of your menstrual cycle!

I'm ready to have a healthy period!


If you feel more confused than ever when it comes to your period + hormones...

You are NOT alone! We're inundated with quick fixes, diets and health advice but lack the foundational understanding of our body and how to support it. I help you understand your symptoms and body so you can get to the ROOT and FINALLY feel balanced in your body.

You deserve to feel balanced in your hormones + welcome in healthy periods.

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The program that has helped thousands of women transform their menstrual cycle

Get the researched tools you need to address your hormone irregularities and period problems in one empowering program. Period Reboot opens a couple times a year so get on the waiting list so you don't miss your chance!

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"When I began my journey healing post birth control with Cassandra in Period Reboot, my cycle length was extremely unpredictable with some cycles that were 60 days or longer. Since beginning Period Reboot and supporting my body it has shortened significantly. Today marks the FIRST TIME it's ever been regular! Welcoming in a 32 day cycle this time around, and I'm so proud of my beautiful body! Thank you Cassandra!"



What others are saying about my work:

Meghan J.

"For 30 years, I have been inundated as a woman to feel shame, discontent, and hidden confusion regarding my fertility and menstruation. Working with Dr. Cassandra has peeled back the negativity and ignited a healing sense of empowerment, dignity, and pride in the gift of being a woman. I have seen more positive results in 3 months working with Cassandra than I have in years."

Melissa M.

"Working with a devoted practitioner like Cassandra is transformational and has given me new hope in my healthcare journey. Her empowering, and I do mean empowering, methods of education, communication and implementation of protocols are life-changing. I feel honored, heard, cared for and nurtured: feelings I hadn't felt in a long time."

Jay M.

"Working with Cassandra has been absolutely life changing! I am so happy that I took the leap and decided to work with this amazing woman. I felt so in tune and healed within my cycle and womb, my husband and I conceived a baby within the first month of trying. This isn't the first time Cassandra's magic has helped me conceive a baby! I am forever grateful."


Take the guess work out of menstrual health. Join Period Reboot here!
“Having taken Period Reboot, I feel like the missing piece to the puzzle to my life has been put into place. I feel like someone has painted a clear and empowering picture for me of what health looks like, who I am and how I can support myself. 
In 5 weeks I have gone from absolute frustration, hating myself, shame and a waging war against my body to feelings of connection, understanding, empowering, calm confidence, self compassion, self care and trust."



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