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I help entrepreneur women connect to their cycles and become empowered leaders

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Connecting to your innate cycles is the super power you've been waiting for

You're ready to take your business to the next level. You're excited to be a high power entrepreneur, change lives and serve your people. There's just one problem:

You feel burned out, overwhelmed and bogged down. Your menstrual cycle feels like anything but a super power and you feel like you're putting in the effort to connect with your people but not seeing results.

I get it. I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneur women like you and helped them tap into their cycles, fine tune their productivity and blossom as leaders. 

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"Cassandra is changing the world - one goddess at a time. I have lived a very blessed life however for many years I knew that something was missing but I wasn’t sure what. Then by chance I attended a Goddess Retreat and the wisdom that Cassandra shared changed my life. As I connected to my goddess energy and listened to my intuition, I became a better physician, a more connected wife and mother and a more thoughtful friend. With deep gratitude to Cassandra and her team."


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