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Period pain and irregularities may be common - but are they normal?

While it's suspected that up to 85% of women suffer with painful periods and menstrual cycle irregularities, it wasn't always meant to be this way. In helping thousands of women resolve their painful cycles and irregular periods, I began to realize the gap in our approach to menstruation and simply the absolute LACK of education most of us received about our bodies.

So I began to create a solution.

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I began to create a space where cyclical beings could get real, research based results

And immediately saw my clients thrive. Realizing the magnitude of this need for empowering support around period problems, I created a step by step guide to help women ease their painful periods, create consistency in their cycle and finally feel empowered and sovereign in their health and bodies. 

The sad truth is most of us learned NOTHING about our bodies or how to support our cycles. 

So is it any wonder why many of us feel completely in the dark when it comes to our period? 

If you've felt alone on your journey or been told that having irregular and painful periods is just the way it is, Period Reboot is for you.

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Get the blueprint to support your cycle 

And bring balance back to your periods with empowering researched approaches and tools

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Ease your menstrual woes and struggles

You'll learn how to ease common symptoms like period cramping, PMS, irregular cycles and more

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Learn to work WITH your cycle and period

So you can stop burning out with your food plan, exercise routines or productivity and instead find balance

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Save hours and thousands of dollars

No more random Google searches for answers. Now you've got the outline to balance your cycle!

Period Reboot is everything your mama didn't teach you about your cycle

- Learn what your cycle is (not just your period!) and how to support it all month long

- Save hundreds of hours of Googling, random books and podcasts and get the exact tools you need

- Get the vital information on female cycles and hormones so you can start supporting your cycle 

- Be part of a community of like-minded women on the same journey

- Learn how to ease painful cramps, big mood changes and other period problems

-Get an outline on food and exercise routines that help detox excess hormones and balance your period

- Learn to support a healthy period and ovulation every month 


PLUS these Bonuses

- BONUS: Two LIVE Q&As with Cassandra to ask your period questions and get support

- BONUS: Cycle tracking 101 for fertility

- BONUS: Vaginal Steaming and your cycle with a special guest expert

- BONUS: Seed Cycling and hormone regulation (the how to!)

Meet my lovely client

By working together, I helped her resolve a long term hormone imbalance that was manifesting as chronic cystic acne. By supporting your cycle, you support your whole body

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And this client message

Together I helped her get her first period back post birth control and ease her cycle


Healing is possible. 

Period Reboot also addresses the biggest period questions like

>> is birth control the right way to "fix" your period?

>> what is cycle tracking and how do you do it the right way?

>> what should you do about short periods and a short luteal phase?

>> what are the biggest culprits of painful periods? 

>> how can you address underlying hormone imbalances?

>> what is the right way to exercise that improves our cyclical health?

>> how do you balance your cycle through food?

>> what if we're not ovulating regularly?

and so much more

I am ready for this!

I'm Cassandra Wilder

And I'm a Naturopathic Doctor and the leading expert in women's cyclical health and menstruation. Known online as the Menstruation Queen, I teach women like you how to heal their painful periods and find empowerment in their bodies. Like you, I struggled with my periods for years and found that the methods presented to "fix" my period simply didn't work. Determined to find a solution, I devoted myself in my training to understand WHY menstrual irregularities happen and what we can do about them. Now, I help women thrive in their cycles through my private consultations and Period Reboot.

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In Period Reboot you'll receive:

  • The step by step guide to cycle regulation and balance
  • An empowering outline of your period and your cycle demystified
  • 5 weeks of powerful content that walks you through the process of healing
  • Community support to celebrate you along the way
  • Hormone rebalancing and tapping into your Infradian Rhythm 
  • Nutrition for a healthy period and happy hormones
  • Exercise and movement for balanced cycles
  • Healing post birth control
  • An in-depth approach to cycle tracking as an alternative to birth control
  • Plus 2 live Q&As with Cassandra Wilder to ask your period questions and get support
  • Lifetime access (including updates!)
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Thousands of people have seen results with their cycle. Are you next?

You deserve to have the tools and education you need to make informed and empowered decisions for your health. Period Reboot is the ultimate step by step guide to save you time and money in addressing your cyclical health and periods. Grab your spot below before the doors close for the rest of 2020!

We're currently in session, but join the waiting list for an exclusive discount

And we'll give you a special window to sign up before we open the doors to the public for Period Reboot

A balanced period is finally within reach

In this supportive space and community, you'll have the momentum you need to make changes, ask questions and see changes happen.

So, are you ready?! Let's do this!

Now is your time!

Join us for Period Reboot and welcome in balanced cycles!

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