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Welcome to Period Reboot

My wildly successful program for hormone, cycle + metabolic wellness for women. Finally have the tools you need to nourish your body and address your cycle symptoms

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Symptoms are like a check engine light in your car

Around here, we don't do bandaid approaches. This is where you get solutions


Women in Period Reboot get the answers they've been desperately searching for about their hormones and period.

Women join Period Reboot when:

  • they feel overwhelmed by their hormones and are tired of being told the pill is their only option
  • their heart sinks when day 25 of their cycle comes around and the mood changes begin
  • they've tried¬†ALL the diets and meal plans, but still feel plateaued and stuck
  • their relationships are suffering because of¬†intense PMS
  • they're diagnosed with PCOS and¬†leave the doctor's office with confusion and fear
  • their metabolism is moving at a snail's pace and they feel hopeless
  • they feel like they've tried EVERYTHING to balance their hormones but something still feels "off"
  • they get off birth control and¬†erupt in acne and periods that disappear for months
  • their period pain is debilitating and no one seems to have solutions¬†for them
  • they¬†want to get pregnant but month after month see a negative


Does any of that sound familiar? 


I simplify the foundational tools that your hormones, metabolism + period NEED! 

Finally get the tools you need to understand your symptoms and take action with Period Reboot! 

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Let me guess...


You've tried a few different things to address your symptoms. You've bought tons of random supplements. You've taken advice from Dr. Google. You've tried what your friends are doing. But your symptoms haven't budged.  

Frustrating, right?!

But here's why these approaches probably didn't work: they do not focus on addressing the ROOT CAUSE of your hormone and metabolism issues in the first place.

When we address our root cause, we can see incredible changes like pain free periods, a balanced mood all month long, libido returning, better sleep, healthier periods, ease maintaining a healthy weight and more energy!


Painful periods, irregular cycles, bloat and acne may be common...

But they are NOT normal!


While it's suspected that up to 85% of women suffer with painful periods and menstrual cycle irregularities, this is not normal. By getting to the root of what's going on hormonally, we have the ability to help our body balance at the root.

After helping thousands of women address their period and hormone struggles, I created Period Reboot to give YOU a simple, research based approach to BALANCE

Period Reboot is the most effective, simple way to get answers to all your big health questions with a nourishment and metabolism based focus

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Period Reboot is a refreshing and metabolically supportive method

In Period Reboot you'll finally understand your hormones and how to support your symptoms

 - Learn what your cycle is (not just your period!) and how to support it all month long

-Restore your metabolism and learn how to read your health markers

-Get to the root of your symptoms and have an effective action plan

- Get the tools you need to regulate hormones, blood sugar and cortisol

- Learn how to ease painful cramps, big mood changes and other period problems

-Learn how to eat for NOURISHMENT and have balanced blood sugar and healthy periods

-Get the REAL information you need on exercise and your cycle (you're probably exercising in a way that causes more harm than good!)

-Learn how to track and confirm ovulation every month

- Learn to support a healthy period and start ovulating every month 

-Learn how mineral imbalances create hormone imbalances and how to personalize your approach

-Start feeling empowered by your body

Save hundreds of hours of Googling, random books and podcasts and get the exact tools you need

-Never feel like you have to restrict or hop on the newest sparkly diet again

Be part of a community of like-minded women on the same journey

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Hundreds of women like these have had life changing results in Period Reboot!

This student went from 11 day periods to 4 day periods

With Period Reboot she transformed her cycle experience, shortened her period AND found more empowerment in her body. How incredible is that?

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This student got pregnant after Period Reboot!

 After fears it wasn't possible due to thyroid issues and possible PCOS, she implemented what she learned and became pregnant with her daughter!

To date there's over 20 women who conceived after joining Period Reboot! ‚̧ԳŹ¬†

This student is losing excess weight after implementing what she learned in Period Reboot

By implanting these core foundations, she's losing weight sustainably and safely - without causing more hormone imbalances in the process

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Other love notes

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And Andrea said:

“Today is a CELEBRATION big time. For the last 15 months, my period has been missing. It just stopped and I hadn't had a sign of spotting since. This morning it came back! I am in awe of my amazing feminine power. Be patient, healing times time!"

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Katie said:

“After a lifetime of irregular cycles, short luteal phases and bad PMS, it was time to learn more and fully commit to myself and my cycle. I was soaking up every piece of content Cassandra would share and was ready to dive into Period Reboot! This course gave me knowledge to know how to heal my body, hope that it will get better, strength that it is possible for ME to take action, and SO MUCH MORE. I'm honestly more hopeful now knowing that I can heal my cycle! Which has decreased my anxiety! My metabolism is improving, my basal body temperatures have increased and I finally am having longer luteal phases!”

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Kayleigh said:

“My cyclical health before Period Reboot was a struggle. Since being diagnosed with PCOS, I tried different programs trying to find the root cause of my irregular and absent period and everything was so surface level. Getting real answers was expensive and I couldn’t find something that helped me dive deeper and give me actionable and sustainable changes. I have also suffered from fatigue, weight gain, cystic acne, digestive issues, and never really knowing what or how to eat! I’ve tried so hard to figure out what’s wrong with my body. I was tired of feeling like I don’t know my body anymore and reading contradictory things on what to do to heal. My facialist, Kayla Renner, suggested I look up Cassandra and I am so happy I did! Period Reboot guided me through actual steps to take to heal my body! Sounds so simple but everything I tried and read just seemed so far fetched, difficult and expensive. I wanted to prioritize my health but nothing was working. Through this program, I feel supported and heard and know this isn’t my fault. I always blamed myself for getting to this point but I know it’s not my fault I didn’t have these tools and information readily available to me (which is SO crazy!!!). I have found ways to de stress which has been key as I have always been a very high stress and anxiety ridden human that I’ve been working on for years. It’s hard but I see how much this affects my body and I need to make a change to support my body and a healthy life.”

With Period Reboot you'll feel confident...


-taking action to support your body and address the root cause of your symptoms

-knowing how to eat for balanced hormones and how to manage blood sugar

-following my methods to address period pain, PMS, acne and more

-understanding what your symptoms mean about your hormones

-exercising in a way that SUPPORTS hormone health instead of causing more problems 

-knowing how to supplement and when it's appropriate

-and so much more

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I'm Dr. Cassandra 

Probably like you, I struggled with my periods for years and had no idea what to do. What started as irregular periods later evolved into deeper hormone imbalances and hypothyroidism. Even though I was in my 20s, I felt like I was falling apart and was told birth control was my only option. 

Shocked by the lack of answers and dismissal from practitioners, I decided it was up to me to heal. I devoted the next few years of my life in naturopathic school to study hormones and periods and figure out why there were such massive gaps in women's health.

Implementing my research, balance slowly emerged. My hair stopped falling out. My mood improved. The bags under my eyes disappeared. My thyroid regulated. My energy levels increased each day. And finally... I felt like me again. Amazed by this, I started helping other women do the same. 

I know how overwhelming and scary a hormone imbalance or period problem can feel. That's why I created Period Reboot - to help you have the knowledge & tools you need to support your hormones!

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In Period Reboot you'll receive:

  • The step by step guide to cycle regulation and balance
  • Hormone rebalancing 101
  • In depth information on blood sugar, nourishment, supplementation and lab testing for hormone health
  • The education you never received on your cycle, anatomy and hormones
  • Nourishment, metabolism restoration and food for hormone health
  • Exercising cyclically and how to safely add movement while healing our hormones
  • Replenishing the body after hormonal birth control
  • Cycle tracking 101
  • Community support to celebrate you along the way
  • ALL bonuses (valued at $897) - yours free
  • Lifetime access to all the content
I need this

I've successfully supported women in Period Reboot with...

PCOS, thyroid imbalances, debilitating period pain, anovulation, trouble getting pregnant, fatigue, short cycles every 20 days or so, irregular periods, weight imbalances, acne, thinning hair on head, constipation, PMS and mood changes, chin hairs, anxiety, trouble sleeping, cortisol imbalances, low progesterone, excess estrogen, high androgens and more. 

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More incredible success stories with Period Reboot

I helped this client resolve a long term hormone imbalance that was manifesting as chronic cystic acne. By supporting your hormones, you support your whole body

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- Wendy

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has painful periods, anyone who's interested in how their body works throughout the month. I've already seen positive changes in PMS (much shorter and less painful cramps), and I can't wait to experience more. I feel so excited because I've always had painful periods, and you've given me hope that I can have less painful periods in the future!"

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- Helena

"I just wanted to let you know that this period was sooo amazing i had literally NO PAIN, no cramps, no PMS either... The first days i was even wondering if this was really a period since it was so different from what I know! I feel very happy and empowered and I loved the course!"

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- Nicole

"When I began my journey healing after birth control, my cycle was extremely unpredictable with some 60 days or longer. Since Period Reboot, my cycles have shortened significantly. Today marks the FIRST TIME it's ever been "regular" with a 32 day cycle!!! I'm so extremely grateful!"

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Real women like you who said Period Reboot was "LIFE CHANGING"


You don't have to feel overwhelmed and confused by your symptoms anymore

Join us in Period Reboot and finally feel empowered to support your hormone, cycle + metabolic wellness

Finally get to the root of your period symptoms 

Period Reboot is for women like you who are tired of struggling with irregular cycles and hormone imbalances. Here you'll learn the foundations to balanced hormones and healthy cycles!

For people who feel like they've tried EVERYTHING to help their hormones and cycles, Period Reboot will give you researched tools and wisdom to last the rest of your life. 

Waiting list please!
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