1:1 Support with Cassandra Wilder ND

An empowering six month container for women who desire to get to the root of what's going on.

You may feel alone on your healing journey right now or even dismissed by practitioners. You know there's more to your symptoms than what you've been told and you're really ready to get expert help to find balance once again. 

I help women like you feel heard, supported and empowered through the healing journey. Together, we look at your health experiences, unique story and your goals to curate a custom plan that focuses on optimal hormone and period health. This is where we go deep!

If you've been getting the run around in the doctor's office and are tired of googling your symptoms, you're in the right place.

I've helped women struggling with period pain, irregular cycles, severe PMS, cyclical acne, hormone imbalances and more find harmony once again in their body. My encompassing six month 1:1 container weaves together hormone research with a supportive space to be heard and guided along the journey.

If you already love my holistic approach that I share on my Instagram and podcast, my 1:1 container is for you.

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Amber M.

"Working with Cassandra has helped me in ways that I never thought possible! She helped me get my real period back after being on the pill, and also helped me treat my chronic yeast infections, which has changed my life. Not only do I feel healthier from a medical standpoint, I also feel more connected with my cycle and embodied because of Cassandra’s approach to health. Thank you Cassandra for the amazing work you do, we need more doctors like you!"

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Jay M.

"Working with Cassandra has been absolutely life changing! I am so happy that I took the leap and decided to work with this amazing woman. I feel so in tuned and healed within my cycle and womb, my husband and I conceived a baby within the first month of trying. This isn't the first time Cassandra's magic has helped me conceive a baby :) I am forever grateful."

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Meghan J.

For 30 years, I have been inundated as a woman to feel shame, discontent, and hidden confusion regarding my fertility and menstruation. Working with Dr. Cassandra has peeled back the negativity and ignited a healing sense of empowerment, dignity, and pride in the gift of being a woman. I have seen more positive results in 3 months working with Cassandra than I have in years."

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Is this right for you?

Women hire me who are:

  • struggling with painful cycles, heavy periods and cramps
  • seeking hormone balance and healthy cycles
  • eager to have predictable, regular periods each month
  • ready to get their libido AND zest for life back
  • looking to ease PMS, cramping and period pain
  • tired of feeling at the whim of their body and hormones
  • eager to go all in and invest in help
  • committed to showing up and ready for a transformation
  • seeking something more holistic than birth control to "fix" their period
  • hearing the word PCOS thrown around and don't know where to start
  • overwhelmed by their periods and want real, 1:1 help with a professional
I want help!

Expert support in my six month cyclical container


This is for women who are ready to feel supported and guided along the journey. My cyclical container spans over 6 months with monthly sessions and incredible tools and resources to support your healing. 

1:1 support with me includes:

  • Monthly hour long sessions with me over six months 
  • Customized support plans that address your unique needs
  • Access to Period Reboot, my signature period course
  • Access to my Library with extra guidance around cycle tracking, hormone health and more
  • Email check-ins
  • Personalized nutrition guidance with my expert Nutritionist
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$2,997 or two payments of $1,500

Ready for expert help with your hormones and cyclical health?

Apply to work with Dr. Cassandra Wilder ND and get the support you've been searching for in your cyclical journey

The next steps

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Step 1:

Fill out the application to work with Cassandra Wilder ND

Apply now
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Step 2:

Book a discovery call to go over your health history and final details

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Step 3:

Begin your exclusive journey with Dr. Cassandra and start getting support

Real results from clients

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Apply to work with Dr. Cassandra
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Devonie W. 

"Working 1:1 with Dr. Cassandra has given me the support to heal myself post birth control AND more importantly overall cyclical health. I feel so happy to be in my body and to have the ability to listen to my body talk in symptoms now that I have Cassandra's support. I truly have never felt so connected to myself and the things around me. I have learned to honor the weekly daily changes my body goes through and that has changed my life. The intuitive wisdom Cassandra has for women’s cyclical health is truly something I feel every woman could benefit from."

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Zara O.

"My first session with Dr. Cassandra was incredible. Dr. Cassandra listened to and considered my health history in a holistic way. I have never had such a wonderful experience with a doctor. My physical health, mental health and spiritual health were all considered as my treatment plan was made. I have been wanting to come off the pill for a while but I have been nervous of the side effects. Dr. Cassandra made me feel confident that I will be supported through that journey. I am truly so excited to see where this takes me and my health and I cannot thank social media enough for bringing us together!"

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Eva G.

"When I started working with Cassandra I experienced for the first time since I was a teenager that it was possible for me to actually live in connection and harmony with my body and my cycle. Cassandra facilitates a safe and healing container where your experiences and needs are heard, combined with attentive professional guidance and support. It has been life-changing to say the least. I have never had such a steady cycle in my life, and I am empowered to listen to my body when something is off. The days of not knowing or listening to my body are over! Thank you Cassandra <3."

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