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Get real answers and support with your hormone health

Working with me 1:1, you'll find my approach refreshing compared to the quick 7 minute appointments you may be used to. We'll spend HOURS together as I understand your health history, your symptoms, analyze your lab testing and create a targeted plan moving forward that is specific to YOU using my methodology I coined The Hormone Plan.

You'll not only *finally* have answers as to why your symptoms are happening but you'll also have support and advocacy from me as your expert practitioner.


What I've helped hundreds of women do


-- things that some would say are impossible!

I've worked with women from every walk of life with every symptom and health experience you can imagine. Women who have struggled with amenorrhea for years and just want to have a normal cycle again. Women who have been told they have PCOS and wanted nothing more than to get pregnant and start a family. Women who are dealing with intense symptoms of fatigue, thyroid issues and infertility who just want to be seen and validated in their lived experience. 

By focusing on YOU as a whole person with a unique story and health history, we start to take a revolutionary approach to your health. There's no cookie cutter approach to women's health and biology and I don't give out supplements like candy at halloween. 

I believe in helping you, your body and your hormones balance with a researched approach that focuses discovering WHY your symptoms are happening and WHAT is missing so we can address it head on. (Don't believe me? Grab some tissues and read through the dozens of testimonials at the bottom of this page!)


Some of what's possible together in The Hormone Plan:

  • having regular, predictable ovulatory cycles with minimal symptoms
  • seeing intense symptoms like fatigue, painful periods and acne lift
  • confirming ovulation, balancing your hormones and prepping your body for pregnancy
  • feeling confident in cycle tracking and body literate to understand your thyroid, metabolism and hormone health
  • increasing your metabolism and supporting your thyroid health
  • healing your body after years of yo-yo dieting, fasting, keto, low calorie diets and other restrictive (harmful) diets
  • feeling heard, seen and validated in your lived experiences with a real plan moving forward
  • helping your body rebalance in postpartum, peri menopause and other large life events


Sound like everything you've ever wanted in a practitioner? You're in the right place 

What we'll focus on together

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Testing to determine your root cause

With your comprehensive intake form, hormone testing and mineral testing, we'll start to understand WHY your symptoms are happening and how to take a root cause approach

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Mineral + Hormone Balancing

Minerals are the spark plug of life and from our mineral testing together, we'll nourish your body so that both your mineral status and hormones are supported

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Optimizing Your Nutrition

No longer feel confused by food. You'll have support from me and my Nutritionist to help you eat for nourishment 

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Menstrual Cycle Awareness

You'll feel empowered tracking your cycle, confirming ovulation and seeing metabolism and cycle improvements 

The Hormone Plan container includes:

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1:1 sessions with Dr. Cassandra

Three 60 minute consults to go through your health history and monitor progress during our time together

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Hormone Testing AND Analysis

A DUTCH test (dried urine test of comprehensive hormones) will be mailed to you and interpreted by me

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Hair and Mineral Lab Testing

A hair and mineral test will be mailed to you and interpreted by me to gauge your mineral levels and where imbalance may be happening

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1:1 Session with my Nutritionist

A 60 minute session with my Nutritionist Brianna to review your food journals and support your nutritional needs

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Ovulation temperature interpretation 

As you track your Basal Body Temperature (BBT), I'll help you determine if you're ovulating and if not, how to address that

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Messaging access to me

Have private access to message me daily M-F with questions or updates throughout the container

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Access to Period Reboot

Full access to my program Period Reboot so you have the foundational tools you need

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Customized Support

Feel empowered and informed with lab testing and targeted suggestions to support your hormones at the root cause

Apply to work with Dr. Cassandra

You can apply below with a short application. If we're a good fit, you'll receive an email soon confirming you've been accepted for 1:1 

The limited number of available spaces will be offered to those who have filled out this form.

The Hormone Plan is $3,997 USD. Pay in full and 3 part payment plan options are available. HSA / FSA cards may also be used.

Apply now for the Hormone Plan


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Amber M.

"Working with Cassandra has helped me in ways that I never thought possible! She helped me get my real period back after being on the pill, and also helped me treat my chronic yeast infections, which has changed my life. Not only do I feel healthier from a medical standpoint, I also feel more connected with my cycle and embodied because of Cassandra’s approach to health. Thank you Cassandra for the amazing work you do, we need more doctors like you!"

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Jay M.

"Working with Cassandra has been absolutely life changing! I am so happy that I took the leap and decided to work with this amazing woman. I feel so in tuned and healed within my cycle and womb, my husband and I conceived a baby within the first month of trying. This isn't the first time Cassandra's magic has helped me conceive a baby :) I am forever grateful."

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Meghan J.

For 30 years, I have been inundated as a woman to feel shame, discontent, and hidden confusion regarding my fertility and menstruation. Working with Dr. Cassandra has peeled back the negativity and ignited a healing sense of empowerment, dignity, and pride in the gift of being a woman. I have seen more positive results in 3 months working with Cassandra than I have in years."


"Cassandra has been one of the universe’s best gift to me! I thank my stars each day for having crossed paths with her. Before I met her, I was so frustrated and completely unable to understand what was happening in my body. Working with Cassandra has given me so much insight on what my body needs and how to hold myself up during stressful times. Meeting Cassandra online was the highlight of each month for the past 6 months! Having her share my excitement every time I got my period meant SO MUCH. I came in this not knowing her at all and left this journey knowing I have a friend and sister in her. This was a journey I’m going to cherish till the very end. I love you Cassandra thank you for being in my life."

-Suranika S.
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"Cassandra is an exceptional mentor with a deep understanding and embodiment of what it means to be a woman.  It’s been such a pleasure to know you and to work with you!

I started working with Cassandra with an intention to have my cycle work by the clock so that I could align my business with my cycle and not have to teach during my period… and with Cassandra’s loving guidance I’m now proud to say that finally I was able to predict with almost a 100% accuracy the day of my next period and get a taste of how I would schedule my work flow around it!

It’s a major win! Especially considering that I had a long history of taking the pill when I was a teenager for many years + having been diagnosed with PCOS."

-Sofia Sundari


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Devonie W. 

"Working 1:1 with Dr. Cassandra has given me the support to heal myself post birth control AND more importantly overall cyclical health. I feel so happy to be in my body and to have the ability to listen to my body talk in symptoms now that I have Cassandra's support. I truly have never felt so connected to myself and the things around me. I have learned to honor the weekly daily changes my body goes through and that has changed my life. The intuitive wisdom Cassandra has for women’s cyclical health is truly something I feel every woman could benefit from."

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Eva G.

"When I started working with Cassandra I experienced for the first time since I was a teenager that it was possible for me to actually live in connection and harmony with my body and my cycle. Cassandra facilitates a safe and healing container where your experiences and needs are heard, combined with attentive professional guidance and support. It has been life-changing to say the least. I have never had such a steady cycle in my life, and I am empowered to listen to my body when something is off. The days of not knowing or listening to my body are over! Thank you Cassandra <3."

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Tori V. 

"Working with Cassandra has been the best decision I’ve made in my journey detoxing off the depo-provera birth control shot. I have been on birth control for for 7 years and haven’t had my period in that same amount of time. I desperately wanted to get my period back and start to rebalance my cycle - working with Cassandra provided me tools and a personalized plan for my body and my cycle. 

Within two months of detoxing, my symptoms have been minimal thanks to Cassandra’s supplement and nutrition guidance. I’m allowing my body to heal and taking control of my fertility through Cassandra’s easy-to-understand education in cycle tracking. She has made the detox process easier, given me confidence that my body is healing, and celebrates my small wins along the way. As her 1:1 client, I have appreciated her effort in answering all emails and questions that I have between appointments. She understands what I’m going through and always knows the next step forward. Cassandra is the perfect practitioner that speaks to my holistic way of healing and provides me effective, natural solutions that I can’t find anywhere else.”

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Emily C. 

"Working with Dr. Cassandra has truly been such an educational and empowering experience. I have gained the knowledge to understand how my body and cycle works and how to overcome my obstacles. On our first call she asked what my goals were, which were to help with hormonal acne, better handle pms, overall balance and increased energy within my life. On our last call we reviewed my goals and every goal and more was achieved! Dr. Cassandra helped me transform my cycle to something I can control instead of it controlling me. With all that said I even quit a job that was burning me out and have a dream schedule I have been manifesting forever! I would recommend any menstrurating being to work with Dr. Cassandra it is truly life changing! Forever grateful."

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Laura S.

“Working with Dr. Cassandra has been a deeply empowering & wonderful experience. My initial hope was to reduce pain that has been a defining part of my life since I was a teenager. I still can’t quite believe that I have been able to, but in just four months my body was showing me the changes I’d made were working. Beyond the physical healing- it has been nothing short of transformative to finally have a medical professional in my corner; listening, supporting, cheering & believing my experience after so many years of the opposite. Dr. Cassandra has given me tools and knowledge that have helped me take on my wellbeing in a way I know will help me for years to come. Her enthusiasm in helping people reconnect to their most nourished selves is such a gift... I’m forever grateful!“

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Larissa B. 

"I worked with Dr. Cassandra for 6 months, in hopes of managing overwhelming PMS symptoms and an irregular cycle. At the start, I had a feeling that it would be an impactful experience, but I had no idea how valuable it would be to my journey of getting to know myself on an intimate level. Cassandra equips her clients with tools, resources and advice, but that’s only part of what she provides. She empowers her clients to cultivate their own bodily autonomy, to treat their bodies with respect and self compassion, and to make choices that truly fit their unique needs. She debunks period/birth control myths, and provides copious options for clients to choose from.10/10 would work with her again!

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“Working with Cassandra has been such a breath of fresh air. When I knew I had to get my IUD taken out in a few months, I was terrified. I had been on birth control since I was 16 and was convinced that it was balancing my hormones (despite still feeling intense PMS symptoms). I felt lost and out of control. When speaking with my gynecologist, they had little guidance to offer me and told me I'd be just fine once I stopped my birth control. I started doing my own research and after reading about the negative effects and depletions that birth control causes to your body, I was even more scared. I didn't know how my body was going to react to coming off of it and it was so hard to find good information. That's when I stumbled upon Cassandra and she was like a light to me. I first took her Healing After Birth Control class and it offered so much insight and wisdom and gave me a clear plan. I knew it would be a difficult road for me, but there was a route to take now. I followed every step of the protocol and then started meeting with her individually monthly. When intense symptoms would hit, instead of panicking, I would know why it was happening and what to do about them. I would show up to the calls feeling overwhelmed and anxious, but ended the calls feeling calm and secure about my healing process. She has a way to make you feel heard and understood, something I had never experienced with a doctor before. 

We first began our individual work by focusing on healing my gut, which I thought would be next to impossible. I was always extremely bloated and had terrible reactions after eating most meals. Since starting her protocols, I have had a bowel movement everyday and have more food freedom than I ever thought I could. From there, she helped to balance my hormones post birth control and got my body to a healthy place where it could start ovulating. A lot of the other symptoms have calmed down since then as well, such as my acne. And now when I do experience a symptom, I generally have an idea of what my body is telling me and how I should react to it. The healing that has taken place is not only physical, but emotional as well. For the first time, I understand my body on such a deep level that I didn't even know was possible! I now look at my symptoms as my body speaking to me rather than something to be afraid of. This empowerment has been life changing. I can't say enough positive things about working with Cassandra, so I will stop here or I would be writing  a novel!”

--Cassie C.

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