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Retreats that Sell Out is the easiest way to go from retreat daydreaming to leading your first retreat!

FINALLY feel ready to lead a Retreat that Sells Out!

Let me guess: you've been daydreaming about leading a retreat. You can envision the beautiful connections made, the powerful friendships that form and all of the laughter, love and transformation. But when it comes to the logistics... well that's where things get a bit fuzzy. 

Maybe you've asked yourself questions like:

  • how do I market the retreat? 
  • how can I ensure the spots fill?
  • where do I even start when it comes to taking payments and streamlining all the pre retreat prep?
  • what about lodging? a chef? the retreat flow?
  • and... how do I protect myself? What about the nitty gritty details like refunds, legal protection and conflict resolution?!?!
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Leading Successful Retreats doesn't have to be hard

With the right prep and tools, you can start leading multiple retreats a year that sell out with ease. 

Does this sound like your dream...

  • you lead retreats in gorgeous locations with incredible like minded humans
  • you help people transform their lives AND make a livable income
  • you get to grow your impact in the world and make powerful connections
  • you effortlessly grow your waiting lists for your services and live your purpose

If so, THIS is the support you've been searching for! FINALLY feel confident to lead retreats and set yourself up for success!

In Retreats that Sell Out, you'll learn how to:

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Market your retreat with ease

Learn how to successfully market your retreat and welcome in guests

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Create your retreat flow

Take all the guess work out of what to do at your retreat! You'll feel confident in how to guide your sacred retreat

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Create a life changing experience

Give your guests an epic experience that truly is life changing

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Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

Most people skip this step! Learn how to price your retreat, create legal protection, set retreat standards, manage conflict and more

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I'm here to help you skip the hard lessons and start leading with ease

I'm Cassandra, and you can think of me as your new retreat BFF. Over the years I've led 56 retreats all over the United States and worldwide with my brand GoddessCeremony. 

Here's the thing: I led probably 25 retreats before I felt like I knew how to REALLY Sell out a Retreat. I learned through good old trial and error and probably made every mistake in the book. I know EXACTLY how it feels to have a dream to lead life changing retreats, and I also know exactly how it feels to be stuck in worry. Who will buy? How do I find the right location? How do I approach X scenario?!

That's why I created this program: to help you FINALLY feel confident and ready to lead your dream retreat without all of the messy learning lessons and hiccups. 

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Here's what you'll gain in Retreats that Sell Out

WEEK ONE: Retreat Foundations

You'll learn all the foundational info you need before announcing your retreat, including:

  • Creating your theme and intentions for your retreat
  • Choosing a location and finding the perfect venue
  • Avoiding common venue issues 
  • Expenses and Income details and how to price your retreat
  • Creating your seamless retreat flow and workshop outline
  • How to simply create your retreat contract to avoid issues later on
  • Building your team: a chef, assistant and beyond!
  • And more
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WEEK TWO: Marketing Your Retreat

Next, we'll dive into how to successfully market your retreat, including:

  • When to start advertising 
  • Money: how to safely collect money, how to set up payment plans, how to address delinquent payments and more
  • How to easily set up a checkout page with a website that speaks to your ideal audience
  • Marketing with FB, Instagram and more
  • Staying organized with spreadsheets and automated options
  • All the details most people forget: refund policies, waivers, discounts and clear retreat standards
  • And more
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WEEK THREE: Retreat Prep

You've marketed the retreat, filled your spots and now we start to complete final details, including:

  • How to ease fear and embody confidence
  • How to work with your chef, get groceries and set meals up for success
  • The essential tools to bring for your retreat
  • What you need to know about reminder emails and helping guests arrive with ease
  • Managing attendees who have paid but gone MIA
  • How to increase excitement for retreat attendees before they arrive
  • And more
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WEEK FOUR: Retreat Success

You've done it! Your guests are arriving for the retreat. Now we're talking about flowing through the retreat, including:

  • Prep before guests arrive with your chef, how to set a sacred space at your venue, sweet details that matter and more
  • The essentials to have done before guests arrive at your venue
  • Gracefully welcoming guests and showing them to their room
  • Sharing your schedule and beautifully leading your opening circle
  • How to hold space for guests
  • Handling any in person conflict
  • Opportunities to sell product or other offerings
  • How to flow through the weekend, be present with guests and also have space to care for yourself
  • How to close the retreat with sacred intentions
  • And more
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WEEK FIVE: After the Retreat 

Your retreat was epic and lives were changed! Now we look at post retreat details, including:

  • Receiving epic testimonials from guests
  • Your personal feedback: what worked well and what didn't
  • Paying your chef, assistant etc
  • Totaling income vs expenses
  • How to utilize things from this retreat for future marketing
  • And more
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If leading retreats is your dream, this is the support you've been searching for

Retreats that Sell Out is your step by step guide to leading successful retreats. Leading ONE retreat after this program will easily pay for this investment and more. Get out of daydream mode and into retreat creation mode NOW by joining me!

WOW!! Blown away by all of you! Our 2022 round is now FULL! If you missed it, get on the waiting list below. 

Simple Pay in Full


  • 5 weeks of in depth guidance around retreats
  • Two LIVE group calls with Cassandra to ask your specific retreat questions
  • Detailed guidance on pricing and how to successfully market your retreat
  • Your beautiful guidebook to help you prep and design your retreat
  • Sample retreat flows and schedules
  • Cassandra's workshop cheat sheet to help you plug in workshops that speak to you
  • Guidance around hiring contractors and help at your retreat
  • Sample waivers to help you protect yourself
  • Group support 

Our 2022 round is sold. If you're interested in joining in 2023, join the list below. 

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