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You're ready to take your business from doing pretty good to THRIVING

You've figured out A LOT on your own through trial and error.

You've created a business idea that lights you up and you've had some success thus far welcoming in clients.

You figured out how to create a website or a podcast or a course. (which is no small feat!)

And you've helped some of your clients do amazing things with your methodology.

But now you're hitting that plateau of - now what??

It's likely you're stuck in your growth and income.

Maybe you're having a hard time getting beyond 3K or 5K a month or simply getting more people signed up for your packages.

You've done SO much but now it seems those strategies are no longer working to really grow beyond what you've already accomplished. 

Sounding familiar?

I know EXACTLY what that plateau feels like (and how to move beyond it!)

 I've been in your shoes!

When I became a naturopath, I knew I wanted to create an online business but I had ZERO clue how to do it. Probably like you, I figured out a lot the old fashioned do-it-yourself way and had some success. But eventually I couldn't get beyond this plateau of a couple thousand dollars a month and a handful of course sign ups each launch 😩 

It quickly became clear: the strategy that got me to HERE was NOT going to get me where I wanted to go. Now that I'd had a taste of success with my business, I had to adapt and take new leaps to grow my business sustainably so I could serve more women 

When I applied the tools I teach my clients now, I:

-more than 5xed my income within a year

-grew my IG from 3K followers to 53K

-created streamlined offers that people sign up for daily

-collaborated with big name brands I've loved for years

-CHANGED WOMEN'S LIVES with a methodology that works

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Where you are now and where you can go

I've helped online coaches, naturopaths, nutritionists, therapists and beyond build online businesses that allow them to do amazing things in the world. When most of these women apply to work with me, they are struggling with these things:

  • they're struggling to stand out in a sea of other women doing similar things online
  • they have great ideas for offers but they're surprised hundreds of people aren't clicking "buy now" on their sales page
  • they feel overwhelmed by ideas like "free opt ins" and email sequences and funnels and aren't sure where to begin
  • they haven't streamlined their processes or applications and therefore work tirelessly on things that could easily be automated
  • they spend a lot of time on things that don't pay the bills (ahem, writing blogs all day, re-doing your website design every week and making graphics on canva without a strategy)
  • they sometimes worry they can't make it as an entrepreneur and wonder if they need to get a "normal job" again 

Here's the good news: with a few small upgrades, tweaks and a new strategy we can transform all of this into:

  • easy streamlined processes that help prospective clients find you
  • more time for YOU after we automate many of the simple processes your business needs
  • a beautiful application process for clients who are ready to work with you
  • sales pages for programs that convert and excite your audience
  • a plan moving forward to grow your business WITHOUT adding more to your plate
Omg this is me. Sign me up

With my expert help, we'll focus on

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Standing out within your niche

Get clear on who you help, how you do it and how you desire to work with people

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Perfecting your offers

Get crystal clarity on your offerings (1:1, courses and beyond!) and how each works

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Improving your application process

Let's create a seamless experience for people who want to work with

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Coaching on your business

We'll talk alllll the details - automation, application pages, email sequences and more

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Setting up systems

Systems that actually work like schedulers, course platforms and more

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Creating an experience

We'll curate your offers to be high level and really feel like an experience

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Having a growth strategy

Clarity on how to grow your business with integrity

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Make your biz cyclical

Set your business up for flow and ease with your cyclical patterns

I'm here to streamline the process for you so you can get back to what matters: the people you're here to help!

And don't worry, I don't believe in all the sketchy business tactics some people talk about out there. Pinky promise there will be NO cold outreach, no following and unfollowing prospective clients on Instagram (seriously, who does that??), no fluffy wisdom that's actually 0% helpful. 

Instead, we'll focus on the strategy you need to welcome in incredible women into your programs and stand out as the leader you truly are

Seriously - sign me up
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If we haven't met, I'm Cassandra

 I'm known online as the Menstruation Queen and help women welcome in balanced periods and hormones as a Naturopathic Doctor.  

I have the business of my dreams, sold out programs and waiting lists for 1:1 clients. I love what I do and I believe all entrepreneurs with big missions deserve to feel this way too!

I have helped dozens of entrepreneurs over the years do what I did: build a sustainable business and scale it so you can change the world!

My business coaching and strategy is for women who want an expert's view into their business. It's for the woman who doesn't just want mindset coaching and fluff - it's for the woman who wants proven strategies to better connect with your dream clients and have a profitable business. 

If you love how organic my account feels, how magnetizing my website is and the incredible freedom I have in my business, this program is a fit for you. 🤍 

How our time together will flow

You're going to feel so supported having someone look at all the nitty gritty details of your business! 

First we'll look at your current strategy, the courses or programs you offer, your email sequences, the ways people can work with you and all the numbers (engagement, followers, subscribers and income) and see our base line

Next, we'll start to look at what IS working and what simply is NOT

I'll go through your website, your emails, your social media account and your application pages to find the gaps in our current approach before beginning to set our new strategy together

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Now comes the fun part!

After we look at where you're stuck and where maybe some holes in our strategy are holding us back, we get to address them!

With eight 1:1 sessions with me, you'll feel supported and have all the space you need to ask questions and get my feedback every step of the way

By the end of our time together, you'll feel confident in your approach AND feel excited about how easy, streamlined and aligned your business feels

Imagine how good it would feel to:

  • watch applications come in daily from clients that are perfect fits
  • see your income increase doing what you truly love
  • offer courses or programs that have dozens of sign ups every round
  • see your email list growing, your social following increasing and your impact grow
  • have a business that truly feels scalable and full of opportunity

This is what you deserve to feel! Your business doesn't have to feel hard, overwhelming, plateaued and dry.

For my action takers, it's time to THRIVE in your business

I currently have ONE space open for 1:1 Biz Coaching


My package includes:

-8 hour long calls over 3 months 

-Monday through Friday messaging access to me

-Instagram + website revamps

-Niche strategy

-Offer creation (or optimization)

-Course creation

-Social media strategy

-Growth strategies

-Content creation

-Copy feedback

-Automation creation


1:1 Business mentorship is available as one payment of $3,997 or two payments of $1,999

Fill out the application form HERE to be considered. If you're in dabbling mode, wait to apply until you're in action taking mode

I'm so excited to do this with you


Fill out the application above to get the ball rolling and I'll be in contact within the next day or so

If there's anything I've learned over the last decade of running my own business, it's to trust your gut always. If you know that I'm the mentor for you and everything on this page is feeling spot on, I look forward to working with you!!

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