I graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor in 2017 gung-ho to help women heal, but I wasn't prepared for what happened next.



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I found myself sitting in consultations with dozens of women attempting to help them the way I had learned in my schooling: physically.

I recommended all the dietary shifts, supplements and herbs to help their cycles and hormones, but felt this gnawing sensation within me that I was missing something major. 

My clients often presented with the same concerns: hormonal imbalances, irregular menstrual cycles, cystic acne, low energy, trouble getting pregnant and debilitating periods. And while I was addressing everything spot on physically, I was neglecting an entire layer of these women:


the emotional connection

I wondered why every session with these clients ultimately became a coaching session. While they presented with x, y and z conditions, there was a far deeper root. 

They also felt worn out, depleted, dry and without purpose. When I asked if they felt empowered or like they had a clear why in life, most of them held back tears as they said "No, not at all." 
Suddenly, I got it. I could give out supplements and food lists all day long, but without touching on the lack of purpose or connection to self, we were running in circles. 
Work with Cassandra

So overnight I transformed my approach. 

I began focusing on the cycle : empowerment connection and started seeing results in weeks that previously had taken months, if not a year. 
Start getting results
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Women were not only healing their debilitating cycles and hormonal imbalances, but also finding their fire, their passion and their spark. Suddenly I saw them come to life with a zest and vigor that I had only dreamed of before. 

Over the last 3 years as a Naturopath, I've found a system that works and gets women results far beyond their physical cycle. I'm watching women heal on every layer of the human spectrum and it is nothing short of incredible

Now, I live this passion and purpose within me and serve entrepreneur women who are tired of running in circles, burning out after every big business move and seeing these habits run their physical health into the ground. 


Because when you heal your cycle, you also reconnect to your power. And when you live from this center of power and purpose, your business becomes unstoppable.


Welcome home. 

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A little more about me

-Proud plant mom with over one hundred exotic houseplants

-CEO of GoddessCeremony and global retreat leader + seminar speaker

-One of those people that loves setting goals and resolutions

-Lives to be a foodie and search out the best restaurants anywhere I go

-May be slightly obsessed with matcha lattes

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