My life changed when I began to understand my body and my cyclical nature. After years of irregular and painful periods, I began my journey to understand menstrual health and hormones. What I learned & implemented transformed my health, and now I share this info with women across the globe

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I became obsessed with hormone health out of necessity

Probably similar to you, my periods were not a breeze during my adolescence. Irregular, inconsistent and totally unpredictable, I would go months without a period only to then experience flooding and deep cramps when it did show up. 

I sought out help around the age of 18 and was discouraged to find that the only option available was birth control. Wanting something to help, I gave it a try and quickly learned that birth control was NOT the right approach for me. A few years later when I began studying naturopathy, I took this opportunity to understand our biology and see what dots I could connect for my own health.

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The more I worked WITH my cyclical health and metabolism...

The more I watched my own health struggles lift. My mood stabilized (no intense PMS half the month!), my periods began to come every 30 or so days, I started ovulating, my hair stopped falling out and my weight normalized.

Incredibly excited by this, I started to share what I was learning and realized nearly every woman I talked to was also struggling with the same issues. After working with thousands of women over the years, I created one simple place for women to learn about their bodies and how to support their hormone health. And thus, Period Reboot was born!

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Period Reboot is my hormone + period program for women

This is where I shed some light on why we're all so confused when it comes to our health, what our symptoms can mean, what hormones have to do with our period symptoms and how to work WITH our biology! 
From how to confirm ovulation to tools to address period pain and beyond - this program is really special 
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I don't believe in coincidence, so if you're here I feel you're meant to hear this:


You're no longer alone on your healing journey. There ARE tools that can support you and nothing within you is broken. Symptoms are how our bodies communicate to us, so we simply have to decipher what it all means. 

I have been in your shoes and I understand how overwhelming it feels. This is why I'm so passionate about our bodies and cycles - because most of us simply have never learned how to truly nourish our body or how to support our hormone and metabolic health. 

I see you, and I'm so happy you're here. 

If you're eager to dive in and learn

my FREE period bundle is a helpful starting place. This will help you understand your menstrual cycle, simple tools to support it and also give you access to my free tea recipe booklet. This is all yours free - simply fill out the form here

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A simple starting point when it comes to understanding your body and how to support it

Other things about me

I'm a proud mama to a corgi named Oliver and can be found exploring a new national park with the love of my life. We're often lost on a trail somewhere in Teton National Park enjoying the beautiful wild nature and mountains. 

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Professional Bio

Cassandra Carlson Wilder is a ND and hormone educator. Passionate about cyclical health and menstruation, she teaches women how to work with their bodies and apply foundational tools to return to balance. She is the creator of the popular period + hormone program  Period Reboot.

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