Cassandra Wilder is a Naturopathic Doctor and the leading expert in women's cyclical health and menstruation. Revolutionizing the conversation around periods and reproductive health, she's been featured as a guest expert in over one hundred publications and podcasts.


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I became fascinated by hormone health out of necessity

Probably similar to you, my periods were not a breeze during my adolescence. Irregular, inconsistent and totally unpredictable, I would go months without a period only to then experience flooding and deep cramps when it did show up. 

I sought out help around the age of 18 and was incredibly discouraged to find that the only "solution" available was birth control. Wanting something to help, I gave it a try and quickly learned that birth control was NOT the right approach for me. A few years later when I began studying naturopathy, I took this opportunity to figure out why medicine still regarded women's reproductive health and hormones as "so mysterious and unpredictable." I wanted answers. 

I quickly learned that there were some massive gaps in the science

And this brewed a fiery passion within me to change the norm.
WHY weren't women given basic education about their bodies?
WHY is period health still so stigmatized and considered taboo?
WHY were many of us silently suffering but led to believe our symptoms are just "normal?"
Devoting myself to my own health, I began to apply what I was learning about hormones, nutrition and wellness. Much to my surprise, my cycle eased. My PMS lifted. My periods were bright and vibrant. And I felt balanced. 
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I shared what I was learning and it became apparent women wanted to know more

The more I taught about menstruation, hormones and wellness, the more I saw my community grow. Thousands of women joined me in live workshops, retreats and online trainings because they craved a space to feel heard and receive tools they could use in their own journey.

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Today, I'm the creator of Period Reboot - the ultimate period course for women seeking balance in their cycles

Weaving together science and research based tools with the wisdom of our bodies, my mission has helped thousands of women transform their experience with their monthly cycle. Grateful doesn't quite capture how incredible this journey has been, but for now it will do!
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I don't believe in coincidence, so if you're here I feel you're meant to hear this:


You're no longer alone on your healing journey. There ARE tools that can support you and nothing within you is broken. Symptoms are how our bodies communicate to us, so we simply have to decipher what it all means. I'm here to hold your hand along the healing journey. So let's get started!

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