Cassandra Wilder is a Naturopathic Doctor and the world's leading expert in women's cyclical health. Helping women end burnout by reconnecting to their innate cycles, she's been featured as a guest expert in a variety of publications and podcasts.



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I'm often asked how I chose to specialize in women's cyclical health and menstruation, so here's a piece of my story. 

When I began Naturopathic School, I had one big intention: to understand why my cycles were so irregular and what was REALLY going on with my underlying health issues

I felt disillusioned by the constant run around and knew birth control wasn't the right way for me to "fix" my period

So I decided to take it all into my own hands and dig into the research myself. Like many people, I became my own subject and began seeking a solution to my irregular periods and underlying hormone imbalances.
Within a few months, I saw a drastic improvement. My cycle was more consistent, my moodiness had subsided and I finally felt like myself. Amazed by the wisdom of our innate cycles, I began helping others do the same.
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Quickly the word got out and some called me the Menstruation Queen

Helping women demystify their irregular and painful cycles, I realized how deep the need truly was as I watched the healing process. 
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I began to realize women were not only healing their debilitating cycles and hormonal imbalances, but also finding their fire, their passion and their spark. By connecting to their cycle, they were also reconnecting to themselves.  

Over the years as a Naturopath, I've found a system that works and gets women results far beyond their physical cycle. I'm watching women heal on every layer of the human spectrum and it is nothing short of incredible

Today I've helped thousands of women heal their painful periods and find a sense of harmony in their bodies again. 


I believe that when you heal and connect with your own innate rhythms as a woman, you have the blueprint for a fulfilled life personally, professionally and beyond.


And so, welcome to an empowered cycle. Let's get started!

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A little more about me

-Proud plant mom with over one hundred exotic houseplants

-CEO of GoddessCeremony and global retreat leader + seminar speaker

-One of those people that loves setting goals and resolutions

-Lives to be a foodie and search out the best restaurants anywhere I go

-May be slightly obsessed with matcha lattes

-Known as the Menstruation Queen on IG - come follow me!

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